Project Description

Countries: United Kingdom, Europe, Eastern Countries

Our Works: Public Relations, Contents, Digital, Press Conferences

Cass Business School entrusted the Agency with its European press relations in order to internationalise its student body and faculty, promote its high-level research and highlight its close relationship with the major players in the City of London.
The Agency  designed a press relations campaign for Germany, France and Italy. The Agency decided to focus communication on the school’s research, its programmes and the expertise of its faculty members. The Agency organized regular one-to-one meetings with representatives of the School, press trips and visits to the Campus in London for European journalists.
During the campaign in these three countries, the Agency increased its results by 361%. Over the past five years, the School has seen a steady annual increase in enrolment by students from the targeted campaign countries. Satisfied with the results obtained by the Agency in 2014, the School extended its contract to include Russia and hired the Agency to conduct the media relations for all schools at City University London.