Project Description

Countries: France, China

Our Works: Creation of design tools, Design drafting,  Writing & Screenwriting, Production & Design, Social media management, Press relations.

IFA PARIS SHANGHAI is a French Fashion School that was established 15 years ago in China, and present in France since 2010. The Paris campus had little visibility and no French recruits. The School changed its logo and created a new MBA in Perfume & Cosmetics and therefore needed to boost recruitment for the next academic year. IFA asked us to help fulfill its objectives.
The Agency decided to communicate to the French media on the School’s rebranding (new logo, new website) through a “one shot” campaign. The Agency succeeded in getting the media to talk about a once little-known school, before starting communication on the MBA itself. In addition to print media, the internet and social networks were also targeted to make contact with journalists.

The Agency designed a social media strategy for the School and relayed communications on its own networks in France. The Agency created brand content tools for use on social networks and for online journalists and bloggers. They are numerous in the field of fashion and appreciate “fun” tools. The Agency also created an animated logo to accompany the press release on the digital rebrand. For the second phase the Agency launched the communication on the MBA. The “one shot” communication was extended to several countries in Europe, China and Korea. To accompany the digital PR strategy, the Agency designed and produced a video presentation for the MBA program (in two sizes including a banner format for websites). A format for Instagram was created, the image sharing platform being an important one in the fashion industry. The MBA director was interviewed in a video capsule talking about the program. The program presentation video size and Instagram tools were filmed in black and white to reflect the sector’s trends. An “olfactory workshop” event was then organized for VIP journalists and bloggers to give even more visibility to the MBA in Perfume & Cosmetics.
For a first communication in France, IFA Paris Shanghai made a dynamic and innovative entry relative to its French competitors. Journalists and bloggers were interested and excited to illustrate their articles using the available tools. The short, informative and high-quality videos were embedded into their websites and blogs. The brand content tools were used and valued online. The campaign gave a boost to the School’s social networks as well as the number of hits on its new website. The workshop in Paris was full to capacity and brought fifteen targeted VIP journalists on campus.