Project Description

Countries: France, Europe, Asia, South America

Our Works: Development of brand territory and brand message, production of an animated video to present the new school to the press, animation of the new logo and baseline, national and international media planning, national and international press relations, organisation of a press conference in Paris, organisation of one-to-one meetings with journalists from leading international media.

With its new name, creating awareness of the new entity was primordial. It was important for the target public to get to know the new brand and to prove its credibility through a campaign that was both original and consistent with the values with which the School identified itself.
The Agency launched NEOMA Business School’s new brand with a corporate communications campaign that put forward the School’s visual identity and its distinctive values. The campaign was launched with a press conference in Paris to announce the name of the new brand, an advertising campaign (print and online) and press relations in regional, national and international media.
Thanks to the communication campaign (advertising and press relations) in the national and international press, NEOMA Business School was successful in implanting its brand in the minds of itstarget audience. The visual elements (the bracket, the colour purple, etc.) and the positioning and values ​​of the School were picked up and reported by the media, ensuring the success of thenew brand’slaunch within the sector.