Project Description

Countries: USA, Worldwidle

Our WorChallenge
Tuck wanted to recruit more international candidates for its Full-Time MBA, raise its profile as an American top-tier Business School, and increase visibility of Dean Paul Danos, as one of the most influential personalities in the business education sector.
The School chose us based on the Agency’s unique capacities to provide tailored content, in-house translations in a variety of languages and skilled story pitches. Over the years, the Agency has continuously adapted to meet the changing needs of the School and of the sector. The Agency conducted targeted PR campaigns and organized several events, press trips, and one-to-one meetings especially for Dean Paul Danos during his visits to Europe, Asia and Latin America.
The number of press hits has constantly increased in all target countries. Today, Tuck is recognized in the international media as one of the best American business schools and many journalists consider it to be a major trendsetter in the world of business education and an excellent source for news stories. The School has been featured in key publications throughout the world including the Financial Times, Figaro Entreprises, Handelsblatt, Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Mondo, Shanghai Morning Post and China Business News, among others.