Project Description

Country: Morocco

Prestations: Video French, English, Arab, Brandbook, Creation of design tools, Design drafting, brochure design, writing & screenwriting, production & design

The School contacted the Agency to advise on the School’s communication strategy. The goal was to evolve its brand positioning, to give visibility to the School and to transfer the values held by its founder.
After an audit, a new strategy was developed, a brand territory created, and the logo was redesigned to incorporate up-to-date typographic and iconographic elements. Text in the media kit was streamlined and the communication channels differentiated according to the intended targets (brochures, website, corporate film).
HEM reinforced its position as a school of excellence. Its communication strategy and means for communicating were overhauled and the School is now able to create its own tools (flyers, posters, events, etc.).
Research, benchmarking, communications auditing, communication planning, creation of design tools, design drafting, brochure design, writing & screenwriting, production & design, 3D animations, social media management, press relations.